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This calendar is subscribed from WebCal.fi. That site has been closed. A completely rewritten site is ready to serve you at


Please do this:
- Remove your existing WebCal.fi subscription(s) from your calendar application
- Create an account at https://www.webcal.guru/
- Re-subscribe the calendars you like (all the old ones plus many new ones available)

More information and instructions at


Please accept my apologies for asking you to go through this. It is not possible for me to update your subscriptions remotely. If you have problems, feel free to contact me at aapo.puskala@webcal.guru.

Note that almost every question I have gotten has been answered by the article above. You'll save time from both of us if you read it first.

Aapo Puskala
The creator and owner of both WebCal.fi and WebCal.Guru