~ Byzantine painter and portrait-artist Martinakos Konstantinos is Artisti Konstantini ~

Artisti Konstantini Martinakos

Amazing Byzantine Paintings & Modern Portrait Art

Discover the magic of amazing portraits, and christian spiritualized paintings, the wonderful artworks of Martinakos Konstantinos. The great greek artist, well known under the name of Artisti Konstantini creates unforgetable paintings around greece and crete, nowadays they are viewed everywhere and worldwide.
Martinakos Konstantinos is the most famous specialist in painting byzantine pictures, giant artworks, icons and restoring byzantine church paintings, too. He restores churches, primarily in the byzantine style all over the world. The talented painter was influenced by byzantine art in his early childhood. He gained his experiences from the master in northern greece and developed his skills to the highest level, with respectful recognition and consideration of other artists. Unforgettable paintings of the byzantine empire reflect the glory and passion of the christian world of this fascinating era.
During the autumn and winter months Artisti lives in Ptolemaida, painting and restorating the amazing byzantine pictures in the churches in and around greek. Konstantinos mostly paints christian art like saints, icons, bible stories, with all sequences of religious inspired art. He creates fantastic byzantine artworks.
In the spring and summer season Martinakos Konstantinos paints wonderful portraits of people and animals. This is the second large circle of his work, which includes as many different variations and styles like the byzantine artwork. As a master of portrait painting Martinakos creates impressive portraits of his clients, who come from all over the world to get painted or drawn.
Sometimes it happens without the master ever seen the person or object in real. In these cases, he portrays his templates only by the photos which bring his clients or have previously sent by post.
Artisti Konstanini's styles are varied and unusual like the wishes of the people who are portrayed by him. Always every wish is willing to make real. The artist Konstantinos paints his portraits in oil, with pastelchalk, watercolor or graphite, but in the same way he realizes the delicate, difficult editing of hard granite. The work materials mainly consist of canvas and oil paints, to make drawings he uses wax crayon and charcoal pencils.
The people, animals and landscapes of Konstantinos art seem miraculously brought to life, so realistic and detailed that the viewer is totally impressed and will inevitably lead in the spell of the portrait. Even the finest lines in the facial parts are realistic and faithfully implemented, which gives the picture a tremendous authenticity. The brushwork of the master is as safe and displaying even the finest nuances in color, light and shadow, that the character is inescapably concerned to the portrait.
But the artist Konstantinos can also create wonderful animal portraits and landscapes, as well as romantic still-lifes in the usual impressive manner; the repertoire of his possibilities is endless.
The finest byzantine works of Martinakos Konstantinos are murals which can be found in countless churches of northern greece. Here they shine with beautiful colors and appear in such a vast diversity, that inevitably every viewer stops to watch the amazing pictures in silent amazement and admiration.

Churches with artworks of Martinakos Konstantinos:

  • Church of the Holy Vasileios in Filotas (City)
  • Church of the Holy Konstantinos und Heiligen Helene in Bariko
  • Church of the Three Holys in Trikala-Veria
  • Church of the Holy Demetrios in Drosero
  • Church of the Holy David in Mavrodendri
  • and many more...

Studios and gallerys of painter Martinakos Konstantinos:

  • Ptolemaida, Greece
  • Hersonissos, Crete